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Dr. Chelsie

Dr. Chelsie Reed, PhD, LPC






Oil Painting by Hal Grady

Build on your strengths and learn life-long skills to overcome the built-up tensions and illness in your life. I believe you can find the strength to conquer any problems you may have, no matter how overwhelming they may seem. I work from a strength-based, client-centered treatment that allows each client to find a therapy for your needs as well as build on current strengths as an individual, couple, or family.

I specialized in sex therapy including all physical and mental challenges. I also work in pain management, all addiction types (chemical, sex, gambling, etc.) to allow my clients to reach their maximum quality of life. I am a registered Kink-Knowledgeable Professional and work with all couple types and lifestyles.

Lifelong skills to achieve and maintain your health is my primary goal. I also offer ways to make progress quickly if you are active in therapy. Lastly, I offer multiple treatment options to best achieve your goals and fit your needs. Overall, getting results, even when other treatment has failed.